7:19pm August 27, 2014


where are we going?
i n t o  d a r k n e s s

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  • Favorite thing about this scene: the Doctor acknowledging his part in sending a companion mixed signals instead of blaming their response to his signals on irrational human-ness (and femaleness). Now go back and say this to Martha, Doctor, preferably with an actual “I’m sorry.”
  • Least favorite thing about this scene: fandom missing the point and continuing to insist that Clara’s a horrible shallow person who just wanted Eleven to be her boyfriend and dislikes Twelve because of that

Overture to a post. 

7:13pm August 27, 2014

we’re all stories in the end

11:26am August 27, 2014

Get to know me meme: [2/5] TV shows → Doctor Who

"There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe: warp-drive, wormhole refractors … But you know the thing you need most of all ? You need a hand to hold.

11:24am August 27, 2014

 A: You truly have made me become such a better actor, and I truly believe a better person. So thank you, Bryan.

B: (…)That’s Aaron Paul. He is a man who always understands the blessings in life and how lucky we are, and he is a phenomenal actor. He is a person who is always willing to do the extra work, always willing to be there for you, to give a 100%, even if he’s off camera. He’s always there for you and you’ve grown so much, too. But I would say this, as good as you are an actor, you’re an even better person. You’re my friend for life, that will never change. I love you, God bless you… I’m gonna miss you.
11:18am August 27, 2014

"What does a man do, Walter? A man provides for his family."

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David Tennant ✥ Shakespeare Uncovered II
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Please, just… see m e.

Please, just… see m e.

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I’ve figured it out: My type is tall, handsome and dorky as fuck